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Leeza Lakhter (they/them) (LETMEPOKEU) is a non-binary trans queer artist born and raised in New York City. Their content is centered around their experience with lgbtqia+, sex, body, and mental health. Leeza’s art includes drawing, painting, digital art, tattooing, fashion, screen printing, and photography. 

LETMEPOKEU is licensed by the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene. Their tattoo practice focus' on consent informed tattooing. 

LETMEPOKEU will give you step by step information about the process throughout the entire appointment. Leeza will always ask for your consent before touching and/or moving your body parts and you can take as many breaks as you need during the appointment. 

Leeza's goal is to make you feel as safe and comfortable as possible throughout the entire tattoo process and leave you with a beautiful tattoo that makes you feel amazing and badass! 

 LETMEPOKEU studio is open to all bodies, races, genders, aliens.

The studio is filled with cute stuffed animals and cool art! There are books, coloring, and knick knacks available for you to check out while in the studio!

You can also check out my MERCH!


The studio is 420, LGBTQIA+, NEURO-DIVERGENT, BIPOC & ALLIES friendly.

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