Touch Yourself

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The Touch Yourself Collection was created by Leeza (@letmepokeu), Mia (@thinkmiamedia), and Sam (@sammy_frannett). This Collection includes pink, black, and white T-shirts that are handprinted in Brooklyn, NY. The project features a diverse group of bodies and local queer NYC artists. This collection was created in attempt to destigmatize sex in our society. We are aiming to show that every sex experience and desire is valid and different, and shouldn’t be hidden or shamed. We made this clothing line to begin conversations. Our mission is to advocate for the normalization of real bodies and sexual experiences! We aim to spread body and sex positivity, as well as promote healing from traumas and reclaiming our bodies. 

White and pink full - group
Black crop - Von2
White full - Z4
Black crop - Von3
Samantha - day1
White full - Shania
Black full and crop - Chi and Z2
Samantha - day5 - photo 1
White full side - Shania and Sam
White full - Z2
Pink crop - Shania3
White full - Z
Black full back - Z
White full - Lae
White full black crop - Chi and Z
Pink crop - Shania4
Black crop side - Von
Black crop - Von

Concept, Creative Direction, Video: Leeza Lakhter @letmepokeu and Mia Paden @thinkmiamedia

Video Editor: Mia Paden @thinkmiamedia 

Illustrator: Leeza Lakhter @letmepokeu

Printmaker: Sammy Frannett @sammy_frannett

Photographers: Christopher Garcia @blkflwrs and Leeza Lakhter @letmepokeu

Models: @zthebug, @chiii_chiii, @shaniasanchezzz, @spooky__slut, @vonmusic, @peridotang3l, @budaboi2

Music: Dealer’s Gone by @vonmusic, @dj___dave

PA: @tearyeyedangel

Candy Land 

Concept & Creative Direction: Leeza Lakhter @letmepokeu and Mia Paden @thinkmiamedia

Photographer & Editors: @letmepokeu and @thinkmiamedia

Models:, @sasha_inferna, @spooky__slut

Moon Kissed Music 

Moon Kissed Music presents Bubblegum

Directed, Shot, Styled & Edited: Mia Paden (@thinkmiamedia) and Leeza Lakhter (@letmepokeu)

Photography & Editing: Mia Paden (@thinkmiamedia) and Leeza Lakhter (@letmepokeu)

Animations: Gabby Sibilska (@blagabalanga) and Leeza Lakhter (@letmepokeu)

Featuring: Khaya Cohen, Leah Scarparty, and Emily Sgouros (@moonkissedmusic)

Produced and mixed: Noble

Additional production: Fermin Suero Jr.

Midnight Rush

pink canvasmediumgreybackground
pink canvas grey background small_
Untitled_Artwork 6
Untitled_Artwork 1

Artist: Leeza Lakhter (@letmepokeu)

Cosmic Candy

Concept and Creative Direction: Leeza Lakhter @letmepokeu

Illustrator: Leeza Lakhter @letmepokeu

Printmaker: Sammy Frannett @sammy_frannett and Leeza Lakhter @letmepokeu

Photographer: Sarai Garcia @file.jpg

Video Editor: Mia Paden @thinkmiamedia 

Models: @spooky__slut, @p.s.kaguya, @dissgrace, @arieldavixo

Music: Moon Kissed @moonkissedmusic