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Midnight Rush

Touch Yourself

Z - day2.jpg
White and pink full - group
Black crop - Von2
White full - Z4
Black crop - Von3
Samantha - day1
White full - Shania
Black full and crop - Chi and Z2
Samantha - day5 - photo 1
White full side - Shania and Sam
White full - Z2
Pink crop - Shania3
White full - Z
Black full back - Z
White full - Lae
White full black crop - Chi and Z
Pink crop - Shania4
Black crop side - Von
Black crop - Von

Concept, Creative Direction, Video: Leeza Lakhter @letmepokeu and Mia Paden @thinkmiamedia

Video Editor: Mia Paden @thinkmiamedia 

Illustrator: Leeza Lakhter @letmepokeu

Printmaker: Sammy Frannett @sammy_frannett

Photographers: Christopher Garcia @blkflwrs and Leeza Lakhter @letmepokeu

Models: @zthebug, @chiii_chiii, @shaniasanchezzz, @spooky__slut, @vonmusic, @peridotang3l, @budaboi2

Music: Dealer’s Gone by @vonmusic, @dj___dave

PA: @tearyeyedangel

Candy Land 

Concept & Creative Direction: Leeza Lakhter @letmepokeu and Mia Paden @thinkmiamedia

Photographer & Editors: @letmepokeu and @thinkmiamedia

Models:, @sasha_inferna, @spooky__slut

Moon Kissed Music 

Moon Kissed Music presents Bubblegum

Directed, Shot, Styled & Edited: Mia Paden (@thinkmiamedia) and Leeza Lakhter (@letmepokeu)

Photography & Editing: Mia Paden (@thinkmiamedia) and Leeza Lakhter (@letmepokeu)

Animations: Gabby Sibilska (@blagabalanga) and Leeza Lakhter (@letmepokeu)

Featuring: Khaya Cohen, Leah Scarparty, and Emily Sgouros (@moonkissedmusic)

Produced and mixed: Noble

Additional production: Fermin Suero Jr.

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