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"From the moment I walked into Leeza's studio, I felt comfortable and safe. They were very clear and open about how things were going to go and consistently checked in about how I was feeling and if I needed anything. It's clear how much Leeza loves their job because they spent so much time perfecting my tattoo and making sure the placement was perfect. They simultaneously made sure I was getting what I wanted out of the experience while giving their input on placement, size, etc. which I really appreciated. I especially recommend getting tattooed by Leeza if this is your first tattoo. I know the privacy and safety of their space and tattooing process would have put me immediately at ease if I was new to being tattooed" (Miranda). 

"Thank you, thank you for the lovely tattoo experience. My time at your studio was comforting and fun! Collaborating with Letmepokeu was easy and led to some really incredible art pieces that now live on my body permanently!! I am so appreciative of the care that went into my appointment from ensuring I was comfortable, checking in on me throughout the process, and even letting me hold White Rice (stuffed animal) <3 So much love!!" (Arielle).

"My tattoo with letmepokeu was an incredible experience:) I felt super safe and considered throughout the whole process, and now have a beautiful custom tattoo! I’d highly recommend their services" (Devon). 

"Getting tattooed by Leeza was such a magical experience!! They are so thoughtful and ensure that you are completely comfortable through the entire process. The professionalism and cleanliness is unparalleled. They ask for your consent the whole way through. Not only do you get an amazing tattoo but you get the experience of sharing space with the wonderful Leeza. Skills for DAYS!!!" (Ansley).

"I had such a wonderful tattoo experience with Leeza! I got a tattoo from them at a large event, and was just totally amazed by the space they created even within that chaotic setting. From the moment they introduced themself to me, it was obvious that they sincerely prioritized my comfort and safety. They asked for consent at literally every point in the process, and let me know what they were doing every step of the way. I really felt comfortable and I knew that if I were to express any apprehension at any point, my feelings would be heard and respected. The conversation also flowed very easily and naturally. And the tattoo itself is PERFECT. It was done with so much care and attention to detail. Since the moment the tattoo was done, I've been recommending Leeza to everyone, and I can't wait to work with them again!" (Cailin). 

 "Getting tattooed by Letmepokeu/Leeza was such a wonderful experience. They are so kind and warm which is immediately clear. The studio is so lovely and comfortable, filled with natural lighting and art. As someone who is very indecisive and always settles on a tattoo design last minute, I'm always worried about taking up too much time or energy of my tattoo artist, especially because I also care a lot about unique designs that are very much aligned with the artist's work and want it to be something that they like as well. Letmepokeu/Leeza gave me a lot of options and placements and sizes to work with and really took the time to make sure that they created a design that was something beautiful that I was happy with, and I so appreciated their willingness to work with my scattered ideas and develop it into exactly what I wanted. The end result was stunning and I couldn't be happier with it. 


Above all, Letmepokeu/Leeza is super patient and kind, and wants to not only create amazing artwork for your body, but also provide a comfortable and safe experience, understanding the importance of having such a space when getting art permanently on your body. They are consistent about asking for consent, providing reassurance, checking in on you during the process, and just generally making sure you are comfortable.


In addition to all of the aspects of my tattoo experience with Letmepokeu/Leeza that were great, they also took great care to make sure that I was physically comfortable while getting tattooed and that I could move when I needed to - something really important to me as someone who struggles with chronic muscle pain and spasms. They never made me feel bad about my discomfort and encouraged breaks to move around. This was also my biggest tattoo to date and probably most painful, and I truly couldn't have asked for an environment and artist that felt more safe and comfortable and kind. Can’t wait for the next time! Thank you so much!!!" (Arielle). 

I absolutely LOVED my tattoo with Leeza!! They were so nice and respectful. Their studio was so clean and cute and the vibes were amazing. They worked with me to make sure I had a design I loved and really executed it well. I’m so so so happy with the finished product and I love showing it off to my friends!! Highly recommend!! (Marie). 

The whole tattoo experience with Leeza was like a breath of fresh air. The atmosphere of the adorable studio was so comfortable and warm. They made sure to ask me before starting to tattoo and checked in with pain levels and comfortably throughout. It was such a pleasant time and I can’t wait to get another tattoo with them! (Amya).

"Leeza is absolutely wonderful! From the moment we met, I knew I could put my trust in them. They kindly talked me through the entire process and made sure I always felt comfortable. They went above and beyond to make sure my experience was perfect & gave me some amazing recommendations for local spots to check out after my appt. Leeza will treat you like a friend and leave you feeling like your best self! My tattoo is delicate, beautiful, and better than I could've even imagined! Can't wait for our next session :-)" (Brittany). 

"My experience with Leeza was honestly one of the best tattoo experiences I ever had. They made me feel right at home, I was comfortable the whole time from start to finish. They really care not only about their art, the placement, the client and how they are feeling throughout and gives you the space to really be yourself without judgement. 1000% will go back for more unique fun ink! Thank you so much for my brand new ink I’ll show it off always ❤️” (Alena).

" I felt really comfy during the process- like I was in control of what was happening and that I could express myself how I needed to best. I appreciate, so so much, how you worked with me on the design until I was satisfied. Thanks for sharing your patience, space, and skill 🙏💖” (Indria).

"I had such a wonderful, unforgettable experience getting tatted by Leeza! They have a wonderful space and were super accommodating. Throughout the process of designing the tat, Leeza was incredibly collaborative and really listened to what I wanted, creating a design we were both excited about. During the appointment, Leeza was conscious about sharing everything they were doing and asking for consent every time they touched me, which made me feel safe & respected. I am beyond excited about my gorgeous tattoo & the beautiful experience that went with getting it!" (Miryam). 

"They’re so peaceful and calm - definitely a great artist esp if you are nervous/new to being tattooed IMO. VERY considerate of me, my personal space and my body. Kept me well informed the entire time and constantly checked in to make sure I was good. I felt so safe and cozy😭. I literally feel like I came from the spa" (Lae). 

"From the beginning of scheduling the appointment to the actual tattoo session, Leeza was very understanding and flexible to my needs and adjustments! They do a wonderful job with communication before and during the appointment. They really created a safe space for me by constantly making sure I had everything I needed for maximum comfortability" (Rae).

"Being tattooed by Leeza was one of the most comfortable experiences I’ve had so far with tattooing. They had good COVID precautions in place, and worked with me ahead of time on my design to make sure it was something I liked. Communication was consistent over email, and the day of went very smoothly. Throughout the process, they let me know that I was in a safe space and continuously checked in with how I was feeling. They always asked before touching me and informed me prior to starting the actual tattoo what they would be doing. The quality of the tattoo itself was amazing (they are an inspired artist), and we were both so happy with how it turned out. The conversation throughout made me feel at ease, and I could not recommend this experience more. Though I am usually happy with how my other tattoos have come out, I’ve never felt more comfortable and safe during the process than with Leeza!" (Christina).

"Being tattooed by Leeza has been my absolute favorite experience. They are able to make you feel at ease in their personal studio, and have incredible patience when discussing possible designs ideas. They are always able to make me feel relaxed and welcome. Their studio is kept very clean, and they will do the setting up and disinfecting process in front of you right before you get in the seat. Leeza has a super soft hand, and more often than not I manage to get sleepy from how relaxed I am while they are tattooing me. I fell asleep on them a couple times already. I first got two stick and pokes done by Leeza earlier on, over a year ago that have held up extremely well. They patiently worked on both the same day and I left feeling so excited for more. Additionally, I have gotten six more tattoos since they have switched to using a gun. Four have been blackwork and two color. I have never had any problem with the healing process of my tattoos, and they still look great after being completely healed + in the sun (with some sunscreen of course) all summer long. Leeza will clean and wrap you up perfectly so you can take care of your skin in the easiest and safest way possible. Many of the pieces I have gotten by Leeza have been from their flashbook that offers a wide array of their original designs + collabs with other artists such as @thinkmiamedia. And if there is something you would like a little different in the design they can switch it up for you (with appropriate notice). I feel as if each work I have gotten is a part of me and my personality now, as they bring me so much joy. And I can’t wait to be back in Leeza’s chair, talking openly about queer identity and Borderline Personality Disorder" (Zoë).

“I loved being tattooed by @letmepokeu , they provided a safe and comfortable space for me and worked with my budget to make sure I got what I wanted. They continuously make beautiful art and work so hard on themself as a person and I’m so grateful that they’re my tattoo artist" (Edona).

"You’re space felt so safe and welcoming. It was a really good experience and it was really nice to meet you!!💖 The tattoo came out even better than I could’ve hoped for!!! I will definitely be returning💖" (Daisy). 

"I met Leeza for the first time in the summer of 2019. Leeza and their partner Mia radiated warm, welcoming, and bubbly energy immediately. I already knew this connection would be so important to me. The 3 tattoos I have received so far, designed by both Mia & Leeza, have genuinely changed my perspective on my body. I struggled since I was a kid with mental health & how I view myself. With leeza’s extremely gentle, open, and trauma informed practice I have found another safe & meaningful creative outlet to express who I am. Both Leeza & Mia demonstrate open dialogues about body & sex positivity, LGBTQ+ related experiences, & self care on their social media & in real life... their honesty is so brave and inspiring to me and my own artwork too. Leeza’s beautiful tattoo designs have helped me.  I look at myself in the mirror and I feel like I am becoming a walking museum full of memories and passion for art - & I am very happy about it. Leeza’s work with tattoos empowers both them and myself throughout the process. I have come to learn a greater respect & understanding of honoring my body and all bodies as works of art with support from Leeza along the way. Thank you for everything" (Olivia).

“I had a super nice time with Leeza. On top of giving me an amazing tattoo they made me feel really comfortable and played sick jams” (Claire). 

“Thank you so much for having us! You did an amazing job i love it! Also thank you for providing such a chill & comfortable space. It was my fave tatt experience thus far💓💓 I love how you have so many different flash designs & when I saw this one I thought it was just beautiful and i needed it tatted on me. Thank you again for creating the safe space to take breaks and just go through the process w/out pressure” (Justyce). 

“Thank you so much for having me and creating such a lovely safe place" (Allegra).

“I had such a great experience getting tattooed by them, the vibe of the studio is so cute and chill I highly recommend!! 👌” (Samson).

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